This game is very easy, players are divided into teams and the winner is the team who is able to mark all the opponents with a paintball gun. The game is suitable for beginners because the rules are quite simple but also offers excitement to experienced paintball players.

Capture the Flag

Players are divided into two teams. Play area will be an agreed territory. Both team’s starting point is their own base. Before the start of the game both teams move to their bases and the flag is placed in between them. The goal of the game is to bring the flag to your base. It´s also possible to win if all opponents are marked.

Flag Salvage

The structure of the game is very similar to the  “Capture the flag” : two teams,  restricted area and teams start the game from their own bases.   The main difference is that there is a flag in both bases. The winner is the team who can get their opponent’s flag and bring it to their own base or  the team who can mark all opposite team members.

Base conquest

Players are divided into two teams and they have to put in place borders and locations of their bases. Both teams are starting from their own base which is designated with a flag. The winner is the team who can  touch their opponents flag, or who can mark all opponents.


The game takes place in a limited area. Each player is given a card which bears the name of another player.This named person is the only one who can be marked. If the target is eliminated, then the eliminated person’s target is your new target. The last unmarked player is the winner of the game.


Team must protect one of their own members, the VIP. All marked players  can return to the game from their own base except VIP. If VIP is marked then opponents team is the winner.The winner is the team who’s VIP remains unmarked.


This game can be played individually or in teams. Rules are same as the “Versus” game  but being hit doesn’t remove players from game. Players who run out of paintballs will be eliminated from the game.


Players are divided into teams. Both teams are standing in a row at the pre-agreed distance, backs turned to the opposing team. A referee counts to three, and all players turn and shoot.. All marked players have to leave from the line. Remaining players step closer to the opponent team and it starts over again. Team wins if all opponents are marked.

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